Another Eventful Year for Yogurt Top

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Following the success of 2016, the team at Yogurt Top Events are continuously working hard, securing venues and dates for this year’s event’s line up. Our goal throughout this year is to provide and sustain our 7 steps of service to all our clients. By working in collaboration with clients, we ensure we exceed all expectations by going above and beyond to execute perfect events that will ensure all attendees are talking about the event for months to come.

We are excited to soon be announcing our first event of 2017. Clients will celebrate the anniversary of one of our most popular and successful football teams in an unforgettable event, full of entertainment and VIP celebrity appearances.  We are delighted to invite you to an evening with your favourite sporting legends, A-list performers and an exceptional 3 course dinner at one of Manchester’s most popular venues. Our team are passionate about ensuing this event is an experience to remember.  All information on this unique evening will be released late January.

Yogurt Top Golf Day

By popular demand, Yogurt Top Events will be hosting another annual charity golf day. Last year we worked alongside Yogurt Top Marketing and the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity to manage a charity golf day at The Belfry Golf and Spa Resort. After a day on the course, our clients will experience a full evening of food and entertainment. Our golf days prove to be extremely popular and are highly demanded during the summer months. This August will be no exception! Our team of event planners have already secured performers for evening entertainment and appearances of popular celebrities at one of the country’s most beautiful courses. It’s the perfect summer experience for your corporate or personal events and a great networking opportunity for 2017.


In October 2016, Yogurt Top Events and Yogurt Top Media had great success securing celebrity appearances at the Elbrook Gala Dinner at Chak 89, raising money for the British Asian Trust.  We were successful in securing UK and worldwide No.1 selling artist James Arthur and M-People’s Heather Small to perform during the evening. Celebrities including Towie’s Frankie Essex and Chloe Sims, Xfactor’s Mason Noise, Bafta award winning Chanel Cresswell, Callum Best, Celebrity Big Brother’s Jamie O’Hara and and Pete Bennett attended the evening. By developing relationships with our celebrity clients, we are confident this year’s event will once more surpass previous years.

Here’s to a fantastic 2017!

Effective Communication is Key for a Successful Event

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Communicate via phone call instead of email

With emails and text messages becoming the most convenient way of communicating, it’s often forgotten a voice can add a personal touch an email can’t achieve. A more personal approach to communication will provide an excellent experience for your client. We believe it’s more important to directly discuss any updates in detail over the phone and provide any immediate questions/responses your client may require. A humble phone call is strong enough to build a rapport with clients / suppliers and will maintain your relationship long after the event is over.


Venue Liaison

Venue co-ordinators will require accurate details of your event. Ensure you can provide them with time schedules, set up/breakdown specifications and the expected capacity of your event. It’s important to communicate any updates that arise. If your marketing is successful and you’re going to sell out, update the venue and inform them with any capacity expansions. All detail updates must be communicated to your venue, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem. You don’t want technician’s running around mid-show for that extra microphone you forgot to mention!

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Clear Information for Attendees

Nobody wants to spend hours of their time on the phone giving directions or worrying about late arrivals. Be prepared and provide all the information attendees will need to get to your event on time and trouble free. When marketing your event, provide directions for drivers or information on local transport, allowing your attendees to plan the most appropriate means of travel to your event. Ensure your venue signage is clear throughout the venue to avoid any confusion and remember to provide appropriate contact information. All these small details will eliminate any wasted time, allowing you to focus on the more important issues that will arise.

Don’t Make Your Job Harder

The more complicated things become, the more likely things will go wrong. Make your job easier and simplify things that are most likely to get mixed up in communication. If your event involves a 3 course sit down meal, only give them the choice of the set menu or the vegetarian option. By offering multiple choices, there is an increased likelihood of wrong orders and unhappy attendees. Keep it simple when you can and eliminate unnecessary stress.


Contacting the Client Directly

When communicating with your client, ensure you are the only one responding to those important questions and updates. Eliminating third parties will reduce any concerns your client may have about messages being missed, lost or misinterpreted. Keeping your client informed and updated of any changes or issues will improve your clients experience and satisfaction.

Allow Time for Crew to Communicate on Shift Change Overs

Large events will require a large crew. If your crew is split into set up crew and show crew, ensure you allow enough time for crew to communicate on the shift change over. Having an overlap of 1-3 hours will allow your crew to pass on all relevant information. This could include a general briefing, tasks that still need to be completed or any amendments that may need to be done the rig or equipment. This communication between crew is crucial to ensure your event is executed perfectly.

Excellent communication is very important to us at Yogurt Top Events. We strive to deliver exceptional customer service to work with you and your business. We prefer good old-fashioned conversation and will pick up the phone when we can. We will always go out of our way to solve a problem and provide the best solution as quick as we can. We are also proud of our flexibility. If you need to communicate with us outside of business hours, we can make it happen!